May 2021 Minutes

Minutes of Beach Cities Democrats

May 26, 2021

  1. Approval of the Minutes
    Mark motions, Edna seconds, motion passes
  2. Pledge of allegiance
  3. Introductions
    1. Laura McHugh – new member and works at Sharkeez Group
    2. Mark Holton – Manhattan, recent graduate and interested in climate policy
    3. John Nelson – Redondo, long time Democrat
  4.  Announcements
    1. Connie Sullivan – PV Democrats – June 13 Nursing Home Reform Al Muratsuchi
    2. July 18, in person picnic in the garden of St. Luke’s Presbyterian
    3. Dency Nelson – check out our calendar on our website to find events to attend
    4. Paul Seo – tomorrow is Leader’s Forum–urDIrE9QzfucXYGwGR1-ZKsVrNOKf (it’s on our website)
    5. Dean Francois – Thanked everyone in the club for the support. He was third place. Winner was not a Democrat (declined to state).
    6. Mark Drabkin – Yahoo groups is gone. Yesterday Ted Lieu was on the Stephanie Miller show. It’s on our website.
  5.  Announcements of Board Nominations
    1. Tony Hale – three members on nomination committee: Dency Nelson, Mike Detoy, Moira Zucker
    2. Candidates:
      Tony Hale – President
      John Nelson – Vice President
      Edna – Treasurer
      Susan Goodlerner – Secretary
  6. Discussion on downtown Hermosa Beach and recent ordinance
  7. Harassment Policy
    1. Dency moves to approve, Mark seconds, motion passes
  8. Officer Reports
    1. Treasurer: State 7554 Fed 1239
    2. Andrea as Secretary suggests post video
    3. Discussion on sharing video
    4. Maybe share clips of videos
  9. Reports from Elected Officials
    1. Councilmember Stacey Armato
      1. Discussion with Mayor Brand on extension Water Board, recommending 2 year extension
      2. Need to rally the troops to start attending meetings now until October
      3. Hermosa will be getting a rainbow lifeguard tower at 13th street in Hermosa for PRIDE month
        Jessica – Hermosa is officially organizing our first Hermosa Pride Org – you can join
  10. Other Announcements
    1. Dean Francois: June 10 is last day to submit comments for draft EIR for Beach Cities Health District (
    2. Andrea – June 22: last day for public comment on US Post Office changes (go to
  11.  Closing thoughts – Diane Wallace – Positive environmental issues – today was a good day for the environment
    1. Changes to corporate boards, These changes will have a positive impact on us all
  12. Motion to adjourn, motion passes

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